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Address: Saidr gruop offcie area,8/F, No.19 Maixing Road, Maidi, Huizhou City, Guangdong


    Huizhou Saidr Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, it is a diversified enterprise integrated with technology, industry and trade, owning independent allotting right and examining right to approve of going abroad, which is especially engaged in establishing operations jointly with foreign and domestic dealers. Currently it has 21 subsidiaries altogether, headquartered in Huizhou, which is adjacent to Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Guangzhou.
       Its main business is to develop industrial products according to the needs of the development of market economy. Meanwhile, it is still involved in the trade of industrial raw and auxiliary materials and industrial products. Moreover, it has invited some Japanese enterprisers as economical counselors to especially take charge of introducing foreign capital.
       Recently, it has been being devoted to establishing joint venture with domestic, Taiwanese and Hongkongese dealers, including Hong Kong East China Group Co., Ltd., Huizhou Saidr Industrial Company, Huizhou Saidr Commercial Company, Huizhou Saidr Sales Company, Huizhou Molisi Electrics Co., Ltd., Huizhou Saidr Trade Co., Ltd., Huizhou Saidr Advertisement Decoration Co., Ltd., Huizhou Saidr Metal Product Co., Ltd., Huizhou Saidr Electric Equipment Co., Ltd., Huizhou Wanxin Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., Huizhou Jinshenglong Electric Enterprise Co., Ltd., Huizhou Bolily Plastic Product Co., Ltd., Shililuo Printing Material (Huizhou) Co., Ltd., Huizhou Hongli Shoe Product Co., Ltd., Huizhou Saidr Electroplating Products Co., Ltd., Huizhou Saidr Mould Product Co., Ltd. etc. some production type enterprises. Its products include advanced automobiles acoustics, multimedia active speaker, family acoustics, illuminations, wire, cable, leather shoes, high-grade wine, healthcare wine, recorder mechanism, plastic products, electroplating products, electric products and metal products, which are distributed to all over the country. The annual output value is over RMB 1 billion. Among them, Shililuo Printing Material (Huizhou) Co., Ltd., is a high-quality printed materials suppliers in Hong Kong and China, it deals in Germany's Basaifu (BASF) and Offset Printing Ink photosensitive resin version, the Japanese Konica (KONICA) film industry, the Japanese Empire (TEIKOKU) Screen Printing Ink and Switzerland SEFAR network yarn etc. Advanced auto sound of metal accessories and die, DVD, VCD and other electronic products, hardware accessories and equipment, which made in Huizhou Saidr Mould Product Co., Ltd. and        Huizhou Saidr Metal Product Co., Ltd., has been with Japan's Sony Corporation and Germany's Siemens and China's Hua Yang and Desay, a number of well-known enterprises support. I can be said that  Huizhou Saidr Group Co., Ltd. is ahead of the industry in metal mold, materials, coal and more active loudspeaker, car stereos and electricity industries in Hong Kong and southern China.
       As for building joint venture with foreign dealers, Sandr Company offers a wide range of convenient services. As soon as signing contracts with foreign dealers, it will apply for approval certificate, business license and custom license, and help install telephoness, so as to allow foreign dealers to arrange production as soon as possible. Besides, thoughtful follow-up services are still available. It will help joint venture to apply for resident certificate and labor certificate and help make relationship with pubic security bureau, custom authorities, foreign trade commission and other government departments harmonious and favorable. In this way, foreign part can put all its heat and soul to production and management. Very economically, only RMB30 management fees are required every month every person to help foreign partner to handle all domestic affairs. Therefore, each foreign partner can maintain an easy, smooth mind and enjoy an increasingly prosperous business.
       All Saidr members sincerely welcome you to cooperate with Saidr to jointly create a beautiful future!

Address: Saidr gruop offcie area,8/F, No.19 Maixing Road, Maidi, Huizhou City, Guangdong
Tel:0752-2269488, 2284002    Fax:0752-2284002
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