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News Title:King Yao Yao Jin cum real estate company listed on commencement ceremony garden
Date published:2010-8-30
King Yao Yao Jin cum real estate company listed on commencement ceremony garden
   February 27, Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Guangxi Jin Yao officially launched. By the company to invest in gold Yao garden also will start. My opinion about county party secretary, county Tang Bo Man leading group of four counties, county units, counties as well as the double-pipe units were present at the ceremony. Tang Bo Wen county, Guangxi Jin-yao, chairman of Real Estate Development Co., the company unveiled Kim Yuen. It is reported that Kim Yiu garden will be built eight commercial houses, with a total construction area of more than 60,000 square meters. Formally established the company after the investment by the company to build the King Yao also held a groundbreaking ceremony garden.

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