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Product Name:S812 SMS phones
S812 SMS phones

Consultation this product, please call our sales hotline :0752-2393016
Product Description:
    ETSI SMS Speaker phones Features
-   Enlarge LCD display, 3 Lines dot matrix (5x8 dot each character, 14 characters   each line), 1 line icon
-  Two languages-build in English and one extend Language in flash memory
-  Dual mode Caller ID, DTMF/FSK Compatible
-  SMS-ETSI Protocol 1
-  Support Long message sending and receiving (maximum 320 characters for English)
-  Fax & Email- option, need the SMS platform to support, need to provide the detailed protocol spec for SMS platform due to this is no included in the standard ETSI protocol.
-  Support Small keypad as PC keyboard for Message input
-  100 received message memory, 50 outgoing messages.
-  5 phonesbook group lists (each including 10 records, total 50 records )
-  SMS Edit/forward/Erase
-  Support SMS group sending
-  250 phonesbook memories (20digits x 14 characters)
-  10 terminal no.
-  40 incoming call memories (22digits x 14characters)
-  20 miss calls memories (22 digits x 14 characters)
-  20 last number redial
-  32 digits pre-dialing number
-  Shortcut key for SMS read, write, caller List, Redial list, phonesbook
-  4 Levels LCD contrast
-  Selectable flash time-600ms/1000ms/300ms/180ms/100ms/90ms
-  LCD backlit
-  Music on hold
- 8 ringer melodies
-  Digital ringer/speaker volume control
-  Redial with Pause
-  Date/clock/week display
-  Alarm
-  Key tone activate and deactivate
-  Pin lock to protect the phones memories
-  Restore factory default setting
-  Flash Memory for backup
-  Half duplex Speaker phones
-  Tone/Pulse Switchable by menu.
Telecom hotkey: (option)
-  Call Waiting
-  Call Forward
-  3 party conference
-  Check mail
-  New, Repeat, phonesbook icon
-  SMS, message waiting icon
-  Battery low, Alarm, Speaker phones icon
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